Gate FAQs

Pine Canyon is a gated community, accessible by phone and key fob. Below are some questions frequently asked regarding the gate system, as well a form for requesting access.

I just purchased property, how to I get gate access? Congratulations! Please fill out and submit the form below. Access cannot be completed until the sale is final in our system (this is usually around 2 weeks from date of close due to mailing time from your tile company and processing time for Hoamco). If you require immediate access, please submit a copy of the recorded title along with your form.

I received key fobs from the previous owners, do I still need to fill out the form? Fobs issued to previous owners and not given to new owners are deactivated during monthly system cleanup as a security precaution. If you received fobs from the previous owner their fobs will need to be reassigned to your name. It is very important that we receive a form from you, as we hope to assist you in avoiding the unpleasant surprise of your fobs suddenly not working.

I received fobs from the previous owners, do I get two more for free? Owners are entitled to two free fobs. If fobs were given to you by the previous owner, those are your free fobs.

How do I purchase additional fobs? Please fill out and submit the form below. You may choose to have $50 per fob added to your account, or you may also pay by check mailed to the address on the form. There is a limit of 5 fobs per family.

How does the phone directory work? Owners can be found in the directory by last name. To allow access pick up the call, press 9 and wait for the call to disconnect. If the gate does not open, try dialing 9 twice. To deny access, simply hang up the call. As Pine Canyon is in a remote area, phone reception is not always reliable. If you or your guests experience an issue with phone access, select “Caretaker” from the gate directory and Dave Kramer, the caretaker, can grant access during business hours.

I’m having an issue with my fob not reading? Holding any other access fobs (including car fobs) in front of the reader will interfere with the signal, and the gate will not open. If your car is push-start this may also interfere with the reader. If you have push-start and experience issues with your fob, try moving your car father from the reader.

I’m selling my property, what should I do with my fobs? Please pass your fobs on to the next owner so they may be reused.

What happens with gate access during inclement weather and emergencies? In the event of an emergency which causes the gate not to work (snowstorm, lightning strike, etc.) the gate will be left open and/or a code to the contractor gate will be distributed via email to the membership. Please make sure your email and contact details are up-to-date so you can receive the latest information. To report an emergency, contact Dave Kramer (480) 532-3038. Emergency services in the area either have their own gate access or can access to an emergency key fob.

The gate system is not functioning, how do I report it? Please use the form below to request assistance.

Can I get a gate code? There are no gate codes available for the main gate.

I am a Realtor or Vendor, how do I request access to Pine Canyon? Please fill out and return the form below.

I am a construction contractor servicing an owner at Pine Canyon, how do I gain access? Please call Dave Kramer, the Caretaker, during business hours to request a code to the construction gate. (480) 532-3038

To request access, please download the form by clicking the button below, complete the form and upload using the electronic form below.

Please upload completed security form here.