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Clubhouse Rules

The clubhouse is for the use of the key-holder and accompanying guests. When in such use, the premises are the responsibility of the key-holder.

It is required that any individual or group entering the clubhouse sign in and sign out. There is a sign in-book in the main clubhouse for your convenience.

The key-holder is accountable for any damage incurred while the clubhouse is under his or her use. Key-holder accountability shall pass to the next key-holder when the original person locks the clubhouse. Damage must be reported to the community association manager (Melanie Lashlee 928.214.0901) who will see that the damage is repaired, and the accountable party is assessed for the cost.

Children / No child under the age of fourteen years are allowed without the presence of a responsible supervising adult over the age of 21.

Kitchen / Please leave the kitchen better than how you found it. All dishes and utensils should be washed and the barbecue left in a clean condition for the next user.

Games and Equipment / Please respect and use our equipment with care. Pine Canyon has tried to provide our residents with enjoyable things to do. Please leave it in good condition.

Library / The books and movies are for the use of everyone. Enjoy and return when you are done.

Fireplace / The key-holder is fully accountable for ensuring safe and responsible use of the fireplace.

Thermostat / Before departing, the thermostat is to be set to 50 degrees during cold weather and turned off during warm or mild weather.

Security / Please secure all windows and doors before leaving

Alcohol / No alcohol is to be left in the refrigerator, or anywhere in the clubhouse

Most importantly,

The clubhouse is a community asset. Please treat it as you would your own!